About Thian Computers

  • Our Approach
  • Our Objectives
  • Our Strategies

Client Focus

Exceeding expectation of our clients.


Building effectively structured teams.


Implementing cost-effective solutions.


Living up to our turn-around time.


Running Call Centre Facility efficiently

Business Structure

Thian's corporate structure is made on the basis of addressing daily and future needs of clients, prospective within the ICT environment.
Thian Computer Solutions is committed to achieving all the principle criteria as provided for the Department of Trade Industry and Black Economic Empowernment(BEE) scorecard.

Business Practices

  • Good corporate governance and business ethics.
  • Demostrating fairness and honesty in all our business deals.
  • Respect for the confidence entrusted on us.
  • Thian Computer Solutions BEE Policy and Plan extensively deals with
    • Skills Development:SETA registered training programmes are provided to all of our staff to give them faculty of meeting their required task.
    • Employment Equity:Staff 90% balck, a special emphasis on woman and youth from previously disadvantaged communities.
    • Procurement Polocy: We source all of our products and services from BEE companies
  • Recruitment of specialized engineers.
  • Building stable systems.
  • Empowerment of our personnel in the IT industry.
  • Maintaining systems with a resultant effect of reducing cost of doing business.
  • Good communication maintained with our clients.
  • Managing systems security.
  • Warranty on all repairs.
  • Striking the best deal for our customer.
  • Beating the Industry standards.
  • Our customers are the lifeblood of the company.
  • Supply of top selling brands.
  • Network designs to suit your business.
  • Stable network environments.
  • Network management.
  • Cabling and wireless implementation.


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